Please join me in praying for Pastor Prakash D and his ministry in India. Please also visit their Hand in Hand Mercy Mission website

From Pastor Prakash:

0 (10)I am from India, Karnataka state. My vision is preaching God whole world and also tribal ministry. But we don’t have any support from any where. 

Since 22 years doing ministry in India. Preaching in 5 Indian languages. I like village ministry So I am travelling to every village and telling Gospel, distributing Bible and tract. But I don’t have any supporter except God. We have no any income source


I am belong to Hindu family. In 1994 August 15th I received Jesus Christ as my saviour. For God sake I left my home and all. I have no property, own house nothing. Church hall and house on rent basis.

Please do pray for our needs. Because of Covid19, 4 months rent is pending and also my bank loans.

I have only one daughter, she got married with a Pastor, they also doing ministry with me.

From the Hands in Hands Mercy Mission website:

HAND IN HAND MERCY MISSION’S attitude is to work hard to serve the people who are really in need of help and support without any caste, creed and religion.  As Jesus said ” Others problems and sufferings are yours”.  Taking this to mind we would like to serve such people by following the foot steps of Jesus.  We like to do the service by supporting, helping and correcting in their sufferings.  ” Help should not be in convincing words but by practical”.