Please join me in praying for Pastor Joseph Chiseka Phiri and Divine Grace Mission Outreach Ministries International in Malawi.

From Pastor Phiri:

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ the son of the living God.

My ministry ( Divine Grace Mission Outreach Ministries International) is located in Golomoti Trading centre – the rural area of Malawi. The photos I have sent to you [see below] is a classroom we’re renting at the moment.

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Pastor Phiri on farm

As Primary school teacher employed by the government I stay in Salima, it’s a distance of almost 121 kilometres. Things has been so bad for me as I have been using and I am still using part of my salary for transport. The church comprised of people who can’t manage to pay for my transport but they’re hungry for the gospel. With outbreak of COVID-19 the government ordered minibus operators to take two passengers per seat not four people as it was. Then the transport fare has been doubled which is a big problem to me.

As a person I had a  plan of buying a small second hand car for transport. I have planted beans to accomplish this plan.

Be with in prayers for the bumper harvest of the crop so that I can buy a car for ministerial activities.