Please join me in praying for Pastor John Nartey, his family, and his ministry  in Ghana. Below is a prayer guide for June 2020. Pastor Nartey is a leader in Calvary Ministries CAPRO. You may learn more about this ministry in these previous posts .



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National Office

Monday, June 1: We will not take for granted God’s protection for us and our partners in the face of rising cases of COVID-19. Thank God for His mercies.

We acknowledge the fact that except the Lord keeps watch over us, all our safety measures will be in vain (Psalm 127:1b). Let us therefore keep prying against any loophole for infection, even as we do our best to keep safe.

Tuesday, June 2: Thank God for all those who have reached out to us in cash and in kind, during this period to make sure that the missionaries have some basic provisions. Pray that God will meet them at the point of their respective needs. (Prov. 11: 25).

Wednesday, June 3: Please pray for: A. Grace for the Administrative Officer to prepare the financial reports for the first quarter of the year.

  1. For a 4WD Pick – Up for the Coordinator to ease the stress of the coordinating of the work across the Country.

Thursday, June 4: The recent easing of restrictions on religious gathering has at least given us some hope of the possibility of having some of our programmes this year. Pray that God will grant this possibility.  Pray for God’s guidance as we plan on how to organize these programs.

Friday, June 5: The COVID -19 infected cases are just increasing in the country. Please pray for God’s intervention, wisdom and grace for the authorities and the medical team in this fight. Pray for the citizenry to adhere to the protocol measures put in place by the president and the medical team in the fight against the virus.

Saturday, June 6: This year 2020 is an election year. The Electoral Commission (EC) is bent on compiling a new voters register. Some Political Parties including the ruling Party NPP are in favor but some other political Parties including the main opposition Party NDC. Please pray this will not lead to any unnecessary tension in the Country.

Nanumba and Konkomba Fields

Sunday, June 7: Thank God for his faithfulness and protection on the team, on our friends, partners and the Church members in our communities.

Pray for more grace for the workers to be more effective especially in teachings, discipleship and leadership

Monday, June 8: Joy is one of our volunteers who has been working in YKPN for about two years. In May, she returned to her parents.

Thank God for her life.

Pray for God’s blessings, rewards and guidance for her.

Pray that the work she left will continue to prosper.

Tuesday, June 9: We continue to make and distribute hand sanitizers and facemasks in the communities to the Church members and non-believers. It: also gave us opportunities to witness Christ to more people.

We thank God for his grace and this act of love.

Pray that more of Christ’s love be revealed to the hearts of the recipients and many be saved.

We thank our friends and partners for making it possible through their supports. We pray for more of God’s blessings on them.

Wednesday, June 10: MS, SFW, N, JB and some others are secretly being discipled in WLS.

Pray for the consistency of the meetings and for them to grow in grace.

Pray for the salvation of their friends and families.

Thursday, June 11: ASA was led to Christ in WLS at the end of this Ramadan. Pray that she be transformed, be rooted in Christ and walk with the Lord all her days.

Friday, June 12: We thank God that STV in KRJ is growing in faith. He has turned his back away from traditional practices that he used to engage in. For this, he is facing physical and spiritual attacks.

Please pray for divine protection, God’s love and power to overwhelm him and flow through him to his people.

Saturday, June 13: The GM Church meet in three groups. Pray that they will be more effective; grow in their fellowships and the preaching of the Gospel to others.

Pray also that the individual members be committed to personal growth in prayers, Bible study and meditation on daily basis.

Pray that the GM Church members be committed to the building of their place of worship.

Sunday, June 14: We thank God for the MJD Church.

Pray that the women will be more committed to the things of Christ.

Monday, June 15: Thank God for the youth in our churches.

Pray that the eyes of their understanding be opened to the things of God, that Christ be formed in them, that they be shining examples for others to follow, and grow to be the leaders that God wants them to be.

Tuesday, June 16: Pray for the removal of every veil of deception over the hearts of the Nanumbas and Konkombas, so that the word of God can shine and take root in them.

Use 2 Cor.10:3-5 to pray and uproot every idol, culture, or religion that has exalted itself against the counsel of God among the Nanumba and Konkomba. Let us enthrone Jesus as King and Lord over the land and in the hearts of the people. 

Odumase-Krobo Social Intervention Centre

Wednesday, June 17: There is much tension within the entire Krobo community due to the undue dethronement of the paramount Queen Mother by the paramount chief. The Reconciliation Team had meetings with those concerned, except with the paramount Chief who is yet to give the team audience.

Please pray that God will calm down the tension on the land.

Pray that he will correct everything that has gone wrong in the community.

Pray that through this crisis God will teach the chiefs and the people of the land about reconciliation and at the end many will give their lives to Jesus Christ.

Thursday, June 18: Pray that God will continue to protect all the girls we have trained that are at home and also that their needs will be met.

Gonja Field

Friday, June 19: Praise and give thanks to God for opening the door of the Kanyiti Fm once again for us to broadcast the gospel in Gonja

Pray that this door will remain opened.

Saturday, June 20: Pray that God will anoint and grant us inspiration and guidance to proclaim the mystery of the gospel.

Pray that Jesus be lifted up in our presentation and that Jesus will draw hundreds to tune in on Sundays at 6.30am.  May they receive the message with understanding and faith and respond positively to the gospel

Pray that the Lord will raise partners to support the radio ministry in East Gonja and Tamale. A total of Gh12, 000 is needed for a 1 year airtime.

Sunday, June 21: Pray that the Lord will encounter the village head of KNL and his elders for their salvation.

Monday, June 22: Pray that the understanding of the people of KNL will be unveiled as they listen to the daily audio broadcast of the gospel in their community.

Pray for a godly wife for brother John, a faithful disciple at KNL.

Tuesday, June 23: Pray that the understanding of the people of KNL will be unveiled as they listen to the daily audio broadcast of the gospel in their community.

Pray for a godly wife for Brother John, a faithful disciple at KNL.

Wednesday, June 24: Pray for the restoration of faith of THU & DDA. Pray that their restoration will lead to a lot of young people responding to the gospel in the village

Thursday, June 25: Pray that the children in KNL will experience real conversion to faith in Jesus.

Friday, June 26: Pray for Sis. Z, a Christian woman going through challenges in health and marriage at KBE, that the Lord will give her healing and breakthrough in her marriage.

Saturday, June 27: Pray for the women discipleship group at KBE that the Lord will open and deepen their understanding of the scriptures and application. Pray for the women discipleship group at KBE that the Lord will open and deepen their understanding of the scriptures and its application

Sunday, June 28: Pray for the believers in KBC and the children at KBE that their love for Jesus will not grow cold

Monday, June 29: Pray for funds to help bring a field vehicle back to life. Pray for favour to sell it off quickly in good condition.

Tuesday, June 30:  Pray for funds to help bring a field vehicle back to life. Pray for favour to sell it off quickly in good condition.