Please join me in praying for Pastor Isaiah Vin and his ministry in Kenya. As you will read below, they are facing especially severe challenges because of the COVID-19.

Our ministry is under love of God Pentecost. We believe and trust in Christ Jesus, for winning many soul to Jesus, preaching Christ Jesus, by moving people from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of God. Our request and prayers we need to buy instruments of the Church please pray with us.

Here in Kenya people we are told not to work. We are in our Houses. Things are very though no money to buy food and also the government has introduced masks everybody should have mask on his or her face, groves sensitisers to wash hands. It has been a challenge for us as the family as well as we have some of the orphans here we are taking care so things are so difficult in this seasons, but we are only praying God to provide with resources so it can be sustain us in life because we are indoor not working, just continue praying with us. The government has not provided anything to our locally villages.