I received this urgent request from Pastor Davis Juma in Western Kenya. You may read a little about his ministry in this previous post.

Hello my friend Karen
I hope you are doing fine. I would like to ask you to earnestly pray for us. We are in a very bad situation.
Since the government came up with strict measures to curb the pandemic things are tough. There is a curfew, restrictions on movement,  closure of open air markets, social gatherings etc. Business men have hoarded good Making the prices of essential goods to go up.
Please pray for me. I urgently need funds to feed my family and  28 total orphans under my care. The harvest of crops is due in August and I ran out of food. I am very worried as I see those under me suffer because of food. The most important thing is food at all costs. Please pray in any way you think. I will appreciate if God will touch a person to help these orphans and my family get one meal a day. Thank you in advance.
Yours In God’s Service
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing for the lost and feeding the found.