Please read this urgent message from Sohail Sadiq of Revival for Youth Fellowship (RYF) in Pakistan. You may read more about this ministry here. Please join me in praying for these urgent needs.

From our brother:

Some people are fighting against this outbreak to work for whole humanity collectively where as some illiterate people are still distinguishing between religions. Even in this tough time where one should not see color, race, religion or cast but our Pakistani people are still stuck with the old mind set.

In an area of Karachi where food packages were being distributed in poor people, some extremists decides not to give food packages to christian but share on with Muslim. Why do people still have to face discrimination this is the time we unite as one to help each and everyone in any possible way.

Please keep everyone in your prayers that may God provide big hearts and good knowledge to anyone who has the ability to share so they may share their love and help with differences. If you would like to contribute for help please do contact we are working voluntarily to provide food packages and basic need to those in need.

Regards, Sohail sadiq President Revival for Youth Fellowship +923214965475