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Please continue to pray for the needs of Pastor Bushebi and Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya. And join me in praising God for all He is doing. You may read previous posts about this ministry here.


WEEKLY PRAISE REPORT – FEBRUARY 16TH 2020!!! Blessings and Love of our Lord to you in Christ Jesus name!

SUNDAY SERVICE AT KIBACHENJE CHURCH: It was a healing Sunday in Bungoma, Kenya church with many opening their hearts and confessing of what they have gone through in life, the enemy’s tough portions and the great victory God has given. Several gave Testimonies of the worse evil lives but later were transformed by the Lord. This will continue the next Sunday God willing. a Couple visited during week days joined the flock after giving their lives to Christ. Testimonies are very powerful, the Lord is alive!!! !!!

A WEEK OF HARVEST: The Spirit is in high gear for Souls

– A couple got saved during Bungoma town church Sunday service.

– Brother Aaron Barasa, a Diploma Graduate but bound by witchcraft received Christ after a series of Intercessions.

– 2 Motorbike Taxi riders, Nick and Solomon, received the Lord after a series of Word seed planted, spoken to them several times.

– 2 Ladies looking for House Help jobs got words of knowledge each as God spoke of their lives prophetically that made their lives changed giving their lives to Christ this morning

MIRACLES, DELIVERANCE, AND HEALING: All glory to the Lord and Father!!!

– Brother Stephen, a retired army man, struck by a stroke now doing better and can talk again after the Lord ministered to him.

– Brother Aaron gave us tough times in prayer that eventually saw him delivered by the Lord Jesus.

– An Insane Woman came in immediately we started praying for the needy but took off speedily screaming when were just about to lay hands on her. We pray God brings her back!! The Lord did many more!!!! 

Prayer Requests

PASTORAL TRAINING FACILITY: Please, pray with us for the completion and furnishing of the Classrooms for Bible School Training. Thanks a lot for your prayers are very important!!!

2020 USA MISSIONARY TRIP: Come back to the Lord!!!! We are trusting the Lord for the Invitation Letters and humbly ask if we can have them early for USA Traveling Visas. God bless you!!!

DESERT LOCUSTS INVASION: tough economic times… We are crying and calling upon the Lord to intervene in this huge destruction of Food and vegetation by these Swarms of Locusts. The Locusts affecting Food security, hiking the Prices have now invaded 23 out of 47 Counties of Kenya. Please, make a prayer for us and the East Africa countries for things are not good!!!!

LEADERS/ PASTORS’ CONFERENCE: Friends, Join us in prayer towards God’s enablement to hold Leaders and Pastors Conference expected in April 2020. We usually have AGM, Teachings, Leadership, Administration and Revival Sessions. Psalms 133.

PRAYER REQUEST: Your prayer is our strength! 1. Need for Bibles and Learning materials 2. Orphans and Widows 3. Bikes for Pastors 4. Bible School Classrooms Construction 5. Churches Construction Program 6. Safe, Domestic water 7. Needy and the Poor

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