Please join me in praying for this request from Julius Ouko and his ministry. He has been pastor of the Pentecostal Evangelical Revival Ministry in Uganda since 1996. You may read more about this ministry here.

In  a previous post he shared these needs:

Also, Pastors in Pallisa district and Apopong sub-county, in particular, are leading churches but have not wedded their wives. The number of pastors in this category goes to over 100 and we are praying and believing God so that a mass wedding is organized so as to wed all of them in one day as a mass wedding.

In an update, he is requesting prayer for provision for the mass wedding:

Mass wedding for pastors of Apopong Pallisa is on 29 Feb 2020. Your prayers seriously needed. . . . The requests are; food for 400 people who will attend costing 1000US dollars, cake for the occasion costing 300US dollars, gowns for 40 brides costing 500US dollars, the venue for the occasion costing 200US dollars, transport and salon (the place where they work on the bride to beautify her for the day of the wedding) costing 500US dollars.