Please join me in praying for Pastor Moses Mwamba and Shekinah Glory Apostolic Ministries in Zambia. Please be sure to pray for their church construction to be completed.


We are building the house of God in Zambia southern Africa. Asking for prayers from you. I know the God who have started the good work will finish what he has started in Jesus name. Psalms 127.

The name of the ministry I was working under was living spring, but I’m running the ministry which I started on 20 March 2011 called Shekinah Glory Apostolic ministries.
I started with three members now it has grown and we have managed by the Grace of God to plant two churches in two different locations.

Our mission ( Mathew 28:18-20)
– is to make disciples and plant churches among every national and people group on earth.

Our vision statement ( Ex 25:8-22)
-To make a sanctuary for our God that he may dwell among us.

Mission statement
– To touch the dying world with the messages of the cross and setting the captive free in Jesus name.
We believe in the Trinity. God the father, the Son and The Holy Spirit.
We believe in the three ordinances water baptism, Lords supper and Christian marriage.
Prayer Requests
1- Financial support towards Church building and musical instruments
2- Church minibus for bus ministry
3- Financial support helping to pay pastors allowance
4- car for transport for the Pastor
5- Teaching materials for leadership training ( discipleship)
Pastor Moses Mwamba
unnamed (5)
We are using the tent it torn and it is raining here so we want to move in the church building. Pastor Moses.