Sohail Sadiq sends praises from Revival for Youth Fellowship (RYF) in Pakistan. You may read more about this ministry here. Please join me in praising God for all He is doing and for His continued blessing and provision for this ministry.

RYF is very thankful to God that he always give us new opportunities to serve for our temp_image_20200125_004308_af40839d-8076-45d7-926c-5f0735bc58e1_-29265482.jpgnation and make our roots stronger. God has granted us with a very great woman of opportunity to work with (IPMGP) for the welfare of our nation. Our goal is to work for stand able development to improve the leadership skills and provide with further job facilities. A very encouraging speaker Mr. Shahid Nazir Tipu founder of( IMPGP) had a meeting with us and he encouraged many youth members to this opportunity and step towards the betterment. Please keep us all in your prayers that, May God keep our work smooth and bless many through this.

We are very thankful to God that he has helped us through the first month of 2020. Our little prayer warriors are getting encouraged and are growing stronger by each passing day. Please keep praying for RYF and WSC that God may keep our partnership stronger and a source of blessings for all the shapers.