Please join me in praying for Julius Ouko and his ministry. He has been pastor of the Pentecostal Evangelical Revival Ministry in Uganda since 1996.

He recently shared these needs:

God has placed in my heart to host annual leadership conferences for church leaders in Kampala Uganda. Pray with me and share my request with people in your network.

Other prayer requests that we have as a ministry are Construction of a church and school in Pallisa Eastern Uganda, strengthening of a church planted in Northern Uganda and planting of churches in Eastern Uganda. Gazetting of our church in Kampala to officiate weddings, finances for ministry van and purchase of land in Pallisa, 10 acres for a school.

Also, Pastors in Pallisa district and Apopong sub-county, in particular, are leading churches but have not wedded their wives. The number of pastors in this category goes to over 100 and we are praying and believing God so that a mass wedding is organized so as to wed all of them in one day as a mass wedding. [Please pray for this.]

Find Pallisa on the map below (eastern region).