Pastor Geoffrey Onap

Please join me in praying for Geoffrey Onap and his ministry in Kasese, Uganda. He is lead pastor of Kasese Evangelical Ministries.

I started the ministry in 2006 December and I have been passing through a lot of things. The church is in Kasese, Uganda, East Africa. I have about 10 branches and all of them are in rural areas. I had an orphanage center but I failed to continue with it due to finances and those orphans are there scattered under the church branches. I therefore need missionaries who can come over and see how we are doing doing so that they may Join us in the preaching of the gospel and putting up a center to help these orphans.

I have a need for missionaries and partners . I need to buy church land and public address system that will help me to do the ministry work effectively. Thank you very much for your concern and I pray the Holy spirit guides you and protects you. I appreciate your offer of prayers and posting what I have . God bless you.

Find Kasese in south western part of the country.