I recently met Meshock Devanesan on LinkedIn. Please join me in praying for him and his ministry. He is the pastor of Grace Baptist Church in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India.

Pastor Devansesan is also a writer of Christian books. He has published two books–one on the epistle of James and one on Job. He has written two more but is waiting for funds to print them. One is on the book of Romans and one on Jude. Please pray that the Lord will provide funds for these to be printed and will use all four books to make a kingdom difference.

Pastor Devansesan shared the following information about his ministries. Please join me in praying for the needs.

We are working among the orphans and widows its our mission to give them food shelter, medicine . kindly pray for that mission.

we have church ministry. about 50 people are saved and attend the church. We distribute tracks and we do street preaching also. in the mid week I meet the families and preach the gospel. Its also my mission to share the  gospel to the transgenders.

There many transgenders . they doing all illegal works. we are praying for them that the Lord should touch them. . . . They do all sexual illegal work. . . . They are out of their families.. so they do it for their survival.