I just received this report from Sohail Sadiq in Pakistan. Please join me in praying for this ministry and for these children and this special Christmas event. Read more about the ministry.

Dear in Christ, As the season of Christmas is starting I pray for God’s blessings and love to be showered on all of you.

RYF has spent the last year very near to children and have built a very strong relation with them and helped them grow in God by making them prayer Warriors. Our main motive throughout 2019 was to know who our heavenly father is, about his love that how he has given his only son to us.

RYF is planing to organize a Christmas event to help them grow more and for that we need your love, support and prayers. Your support for Hall Rent, Gifts and other organizations will be a great blessing for our nation.

This Christmas event is especially for the encouragement of our young Generation, who are taught In spite of all the difficulties and problems that being a minority they face,they should always keep extending their faith in God and know their purpose of life, what plan does God have for them.

I pray that may God bless us with needed resources to make this event happen and glorify his name in all things.

May God bless you in abundance.

Sohail Sadiq