Please join me in praying for Pastor Alex Azuma and his ministry in Nairobi, Kenya.

Am pastor Alex Azuma from Nairobi Kenya. Our ministry is call Unity of Faith Apostolic Ministry, am the founder being assisted by my dear wife Helen Zuma with other brethren whom God has brought to us.

Our ministry started 2018 August and we are located in a slum call Chokaa in Nairobi. We have grown to 25 in Number. Unfortunately only 10 out of these are Spirit filled and committed towards God’s work.

When God call me to His Ministry, my own parents were the first people whom I prayed and they got born again. Actually before then my dad was a chief drunkard and my own mum used to visit witch doctors for protection.

Our ministry has three mandates to fulfill for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Preaching the Gospel of Salvation to the lost souls (we are doing this through door to door evangelism, Open air Crusades and feeding program on Sundays).
  2. Teaching about Who is Jesus Christ to the newly born again Christians (We do it on Sundays and visits to prayer retreat centres).
  3. Transforming the born again to Jesus’ disciples.

I have this prayer request to make. Pray for our ministry to get church instruments (We need a piano,mixer and two Speakers). We conduct Open air Crusades regularly.

My dear wife Helen serving lunch to our visitors
With my biological dad in one of our door to door evangelism
With fellow pastors who had visited our church for the Crusade
With my biological parents James and Mrs Monica outside the church
Welcoming my spiritual Father Rev Joseph to our church
My mum in one of our open air crusades
Having fun with new converts. I am in the white shirt with tie