Please join me praying for Pastor K.Nageswara Rao in India. The need is great.

From Pastor Rao:

India-1I live in India, State of Andhra Pradesh, West Godavari District. My church believers called me “Pastor”, we have 26 believers.  All of our believers are an agricultural labourers.

Recently we have severe flood which washed away all our belongings. Our thatched houses were bodily damaged. We have no food provisions and medicines. We are all facing acute hardships.

Please pray for their food provisions and medicines. Due to stagnated flood water, the skin diseases, Diarrhea has been affected to our poor believers. Please try to understand our immense hardships   . . .  I have diabetic problem. Due to the fact that my health condition is deteriorating day by day. Even though I have been continuing in the work of God. I have been laying burden on my shoulder. Please also share my burden of labour and encourage me in the precious work of God.

Due to flood affect our children became sick and ailment.  They need sufficient food to satisfy with starvation.  Owing to polluted water the diseases spread out.  They need purified drinking water.

Even though we are all teaching the word of God every door step and explain the  salvation of Jesus Christ.  I need your strong and stern fellowship to teach  the word of God to distant places.