Please join me in praying for Agal Jessy, missionary at Word of Life in Nigeria.

From this September newsletter (some exciting reports!):

Over the past four weeks the Lord kept us safe amidst life threatening circumstances. In September, we had cases of some ministers around Jos being kidnapped and some of our staff struggled with their health; Nuhu and Jessy but the Lord healed them. Thank you for praying for our health, safety and provision. God bless!

Over the past month we had the opportunity to be part of the following individual and collective ministries:
Collective Ministry Involvement: Tijani Garba led the team from Jos to minister at a District Youth Conference (DYC) in Lafia, Nassarawa State. It was about 3 hours 30 minutes’ drive away from Jos Plateau State. We have been in partnership with this DYC for the past three years and this year, we ministered to 510 youths in a four day conference. We had time to share from Gods word, addressing issues ranging from dedication in discipleship, purity, and love relationships. We had 15 people make passionate commitments to live a life of sexual purity, and rededicate themselves to God and his service. We also had a lot of counseling sessions with individuals.

He also led a team of five to visit ECWA church Zargwok, a community of believers in Barkin Ladi, of Plateau State who were attacked by Fulani Herdsmen last year June. The church, pastorium, and every house in the community was burnt down. They ministered to 110 youths and adults. We had evangelized this community in 2016 and followed them up in 2017.

Individual ministry Involvement: within the month, Jessy Agal had the privilege to minister to 402 Youths and Adults. First he ministered to 252 people during a men fellowship week of prayer in the church where he worships as guest minister for three days. He also had an opportunity to share on a topic, “understanding the times, and the need to take advantage of the times for Christ” with 150 MASHIAH Foundation Staff during their prayers.

Nuhu Gaina also had an opportunity to start a Coaching relationship with 11 youth
leaders from 4 churches in Jos.

Tijani Garba was opportune to share our ministry with 2 pastors as well as
preached to 15 teenagers in a teen’s Bible club, in the church where he worships.

Summary: In September we ministered to a total of 1,037 people and had 13 ministry conversations. Thank you for giving to the Lord.

Prayer Requests

Pray for the following:

On the 25th-27th we will be going out for a Medical outreach to Fadan Fobur, (a village) in Jos PLATEAU state, Nigeria.

still on the 25th-27th another team of ours going out for an outreach to Jaba Kogo, Kaduna State.

then lastly for the month we hope to go out for a Medical outreach with Jordan Eye Hospital @ Otobi, Benue State on 29th-2nd Nov.

provision for this ministry activities and good health.