Please join me in praying for Pastor Kamran Nazir and True Love of God Ministries in Pakistan:

I am Pastor Kamran Nazir , Chairmen True Love Of God Ministries Pakistan, Inc Toba Tek Singh Pakistan. we are winning the lost souls and we are working in backward/slum and rural areas, villages, towns and cities. The link I have given to you is a link to my Facebook page. You can click on it to see that many of my work videos and photos which I and my wife both of us jointly visit in different cities and villages of Pakistan Working with the help of poor children and poor people.

I’m glad dear sister you will pray for us because the Bible teaches us that when we pray for one another, the Lord opens the heavens for us and blesses us.

Sister I would be happy if you put this post in there so that many people will see videos and photos of our work so that they too can help us with this work. We need prayers and support to make this work better in Pakistan.

You can share pictures of these children with your friends so that they can help us with warm clothes and shoes for these poor and orphan children.