Please join me in praying for Kingdom Prayer Force Network in Ghana. I recently “met” Rev. George Amarh Ashiteye on LinkedIn.

A little about the ministry (from their website).

Kingdom Prayer Force Network Came to Existence of a Desire to see the power of prayer Manifested in the kingdom of God. The KPFN Focus is to send prayer of fire that will bring a drastic paradigm shift in our nation as well as others.

The KPFN leaders has a strong conviction for nations with regards to the kingdom of God. The conviction touches on the spread of the gospel of Jesus to parts of the world deprived of the Good News.


  • Interdenominational Intercession Prayers for people in Authority(1Timo.2:1-4).
  • Interdenominational Mission  Trip
  • Interdenominational Crusade
  • The Orphans Ministry
  • The School Ministry
  • The Prisons Ministry
  • The Hospital Ministry
  • The Aged and Widow Ministry,Our prime aim is to fulfill the command of the great commission(Matthew 28:18-20) and the will of our Lord Jesus Christ in Mathew 25:31-46.

When our Lord Jesus Christ resurrected, the only charge He gave to the church is “Go therefore into world………………..”Matthew 2818-20.Therefore the local church and any christian organisations must work out to fulfill the Great Commission in this end time.

Prayer requests from Rev. Asheteye:

My next year February my ministry Sunday service is 9 year and we don’t have our own land and permanent place for our own ministry. We really need partners, sponsors to help us for my ministry projects. Secondly, help to sponsor Children education in Ghana, lastly help for aged and Crusades.

Financial support for my ministry Kingdom Prayer Force Network to acquire land for the ministry and start our projects, partners for our mission work. Where we are operating now is a lease property. And it’s a simple wooden structure