Please join  Jean-Rony Toussaint and me in praying this prayer he has sent for Haiti.

Dear Christian family,

You know what Haiti is going through. The fuel is gone, food is almost gone, and people are stampeding through the streets, angry with the government. Please join us in this prayer for Haiti and all of the people in it . . .

Dear Heavenly Father, we ask for your forgiveness and your guidance and for your name to be glorified among your people so that when you do your wonders in this nation, all will know that it is You who did it. We pray for your divine gift of love so that it will spread into every heart, and that love will be shared in and amongst your people. The time is right, and has in fact come to take Haiti as yours our Father. Please bless this land and its people and forgive the sins of the past, and make Haiti a new people with a renewed heart for one another. In your holy Sons Name Jesus Christ we pray.

Please share this prayer to every Haitian and every person that loves Gods children there. Please pray this and pray it often until Haiti is free again.

Thank you sincerely, in Christ’s Name