Please join me in praying for Felix Ngamita and his ministry in Uganda. You may read more about Felix by clicking on the photos on this page.

Message from Felix:

We launched a church on 30/8/2019 and had 22 attendance in the first Sunday and in our 3rd Sunday had 15 elders and 25 children.
We are actively moving in the community for door to door gospel and has registered up to yesterday 23/9/2019 18 people giving their life to Christ. including a strong witch doctor giving his life to Christ, more demon cast out, poisoned people healed and one seizure healed. We thank God for Glorifying Jesu through the Holy Spirit work in us.
We post our prayer request for more leaders in children ministry, women ministry, evangelistic team, more pastors, teachers, music and media department, and lastly we need prayer for a big space plus PA system.
May God bless you