Please join me in praying for Pastor Oscar Mwanyanje and his ministry in Dodoma, Tanzania. His church is the Tanzania Assemblies of God Nanenane Christian Temple.

I am Pastor Oscar Mwanyanje. I have a call for the lost soul.  Currently I used to preach in different town, villages so as to reach the lost soul and this is my calling.

Am three years in  ministry since 2016 and I about 40 members and this is a growing church. We have 15 children. I mean their belong members in the church , we don’t have class for children their just stay out during their study so this is one of prayer request for my ministry.

I am working under Tanzania Assemblies of God and the church is known as Tanzania Assemblies of God Nanenane Christian Temple. The church mission is to win the lost soul. We expect to build class for children so as we may build the kingdom of God in their life. Also I have a vision of preaching gospel in the radio so as to reach to many peoples at once.

Currently we are facing financial difficultiess but I believe God that will make a way for this for his glory. We have church building but it is not big as we expect the number of people after few years ahead so we have this need and music instruments.

We have a plot  where we can fufill the above challenges. My education background degree in account Diploma in business administration. Also I went for global University for 2BA in theology but due to some challenges I faced I didn’t manage to finish the course.
Am married and the name of my wife is called Agnes Julius and we have two children first is called Baraka another one is called Ebenezar.
We must focus on heaven gospel more than material gospel.
That’s all about my ministry. May God bless you.
Pastor Oscar Mwanyanje

P.O. Box 2036
Dodoma Tanzania