See the source imageYou may remember reading other posts about Davis Juma’s ministry in Western Kenya. You may read an early post about his ministry here. Just do a search (see column to the right) to read other posts. Pastor Juma describes his ministry as “Fishing for the lost and feeding the found.” A few words—but so profound!

I recently received these exciting praises and prayer request. Praise God for all He is doing! Please join me in praying for Pastor Juma and his ministry.

Glory to God the Father and the son Jesus Christ.

What a great harvest we have got in the field of Gulu. Some things happen which  even amaze God’s workers who do them. I am surely amazed at how God has used us and you to bring to the kingdom such a great multitude.  When I saw  the new believers thronging to church building yesterday to worship I wondered if Peter was not surprised when he saw 3.000 souls saved in one day after hearing his message. It was unbelievable. It is not by our might or power but by the Spirit of God that it happened. Jesus is precious!  We have over 2,100 souls and this number I am sure will grow to many more. Those who have embraced the gospel need to be baptized and must be baptized. We have no choice but to immerse them in the water as a symbol of their commitment to follow Christ and join the church.

My dearest ministry partner I sincerely appreciate the  prayer support you have accorded me since the time I came here. Your prayers . . . have helped us so much. Nothing could have been possible without your unwavering support and prayers. . . . May the grace of God be with you in whatever you do.

Keep praying for us. I had a thought last night after praying about my ministry’s support. I am entertaining an idea that if I can get a motorcycle then I employ a young man in my church who will be using it as a taxi and then everyday gives me about $4 that will translate into about $36 a month when you deduct his daily pay and minus Sundays. Though it is little but it will help to support my ministry and cater for the needs of the orphans. And if they are two motorcycles it will fetch some good money for ministry. Please pray for this source. In Western Kenya motorbike taxis are the once commonly used to transport people.