I recently met Jean-Rony Toussaint on LinkedIn. Please join me in praying for him and his ministry in Haiti.

About Jean-Rony Toussaint:

My name is Jean Rony Toussaint, the President of ASHOG, a registered Haitian charity which does not receive any funding or support from the Haitian government. I’m a teacher and also very active leader in my church in Anse-a-Galets, La Gonave Island. I have been working for the people of La Gonave for many years, trying to improve the lives of the impoverished, orphaned and disabled people. I speak quite good English .

About the Ministry:

First, know that our mission is to Glorify God in all we do. We believe in the Trinity : The Father , Son and the Holy Spirit . We also fully acknowledged that Jesus Christ exonerated our sins on the Cross and became the ultimate sacrifice.

Our initial plan is simple. Gain a foothold in Haiti through a missionary base camp. The plan is to first house missionaries in country, and providing them with everything they need to accomplish their respective missions and for their personal well being.

When we do this, we will also create supply routes where there were none, and recognize areas of greatest need. Missionaries progress reports and after action reviews will be added to the collective Intel, improving their effectiveness overall.

We will be prepared to support both long term and short term missionary efforts at a comparatively reasonable rate. All revenue raised will first go to supporting missionaries and the base they work from.

We will have a medical clinic onsite and will also hire general and specialized labor from within the local areas. This will help boost the local economy and provide better lives for those on the island.

We ask that you please share with us what you can, be it monetary assistance, volunteer work and your ideas as to how we can improve the chances of success of this mission. We are doing these things for this mission as we have a profound conviction that this must be done in love of Jesus Christ for our brothers and sisters in danger and in poverty.

Foremost and of the utmost priority, however, we urge you to pray for us and persecuted people around the world, asking the blessings of Jesus on this mission, as nothing is possible if God does not will it.

Another Prayer Request:

For my people on La Gonave Island, Haiti. At this region people have no access to clean water, they are drinking salt water and die.

Children on the street: