Please join me in praying for James Lakie Kollie, Jr, in Liberia.

About Ministry:

some-of-the-children-we-cater-forThe church is in very poor community, where so many children need help. Parents can hardly afford to send children to and to give them good moral upbringing. We have seen it as a duty to develop this place and run a free school for the community. Please pray for us that God will send helpers.

The need help children is so overwhelming. You need to see babies doing prostitution at night. I mean 11 – 13 yrs olds in the streets at night. I shared tears the other night coming from a revival, when I saw one 11 yrs old being brutalized by a boy who seemed to have been “her customer”, on grounds that she stole his money.

Prayer Requests:

Please pray for me that God will send help for those hurting children.

Please also pray for our Country, Liberia.

Please pray my missions trip to several African nations, starting with Ghana. I will extend to most parts of Africa from there before going to the Philippines and other Asian nations. I am trusting God for support and/ or partners, since I am self supported. I use my honorarium to sponsor the next trip as I go along.

Making a Commitment with God
Flood taking over our wooden church building
baptism on the mission field
After baptism on the mission field
School construction