Please join me in praying for these requests from Pastor John Nartey of CAPRO in Ghana. You may read more about the ministry in this previous post. I hope you will also take a few minutes to visit the CAPRO website. These Ghana ministries are part of a much larger international ministry. A quote from their website: “CAPRO is a radical commission that believes that the work of global evangelization must not be done as an option but as a compulsory mandate from the King of the Universe, and no price must be considered too high to pay to execute the mandate of our Lord Jesus. CAPRO missionaries are known for their extremity: extreme devotion to Jesus, extreme commitment to the Word of God, extreme passion for the lost, extreme sacrifice for the missions mandate and extreme commitment to honouring the Bride of Christ.”




National Office

Monday, July 1: Thank God for His grace upon the lives of the missionaries, for their upkeep, protection and good health.

Tuesday, July 2: The Accra DIMEP will be starting by God’s grace on the 10th of July. Thank God for those who have subscribed. Pray that nothing will prevent them from reporting for the programme .Pray also that more will join before the programme starts.  Pray for the availability of facilitators. Ask that the Lord will fill them with the Holy Spirit and power. Pray also that the lives of the participants will be transformed the more into Christ’s likeness, as they go through the programme.

Wednesday, July 3: The CAPRO Congress will be coming up from the 10th to the 18th of August 2019. It is a time of review of our policies and the making of new ones. It is also the time of the election of new leaders. Please pray for God’s direction in the decision making process and election. Pray also for the provision for all that is required to make it a success.

Gonja Field

Thursday, July 4: Pray for a Discipling Marketplace Leaders (DML), staff who will be visiting 1st week of July as part of our collaboration to the DML within the Church. Pray for the believers who will be assessed that they will do well. Pray for fruitful collaboration between us and DML

Friday, July 5: Pray for a team from our home church who are visiting the field 2nd week of this month. Pray and commit their preparation, travel and time in field into the Lord’s hands. Pray for grace for us to offer them a Christian hospitality. Pray that the Lord be glorified. Pray that when they come they will see what they have to see and hear what they have to hear and respond appropriately.

Saturday, July 6: Pray for efforts to get the public school system at Kanakulai to work (our intent is to support the public not to run a school). Please pray for fruitful discussions with politicians, education managers, the SMC/PTA and the community. Pray for ongoing intervention in providing teaching and learning opportunity for the children. Pray for our mobilisation effort to attract Christian volunteer to support this intervention. Pray for funds to develop an impactful Early Childhood Education and Development (ECED) Programme. Funds are currently needed to complete the worship centre as well as accommodation facilities for volunteers. Pray encouragement for 3 indigenous   volunteers who are helping without any pay.

Sunday, July 7: A worship centre is needed for the Church at KBC as the worship services are held in the open. This is not convenient during the rainy season. Please pray that God will provide the resources to build a centre. Pray also for the provision of a good new motor bike for the field for use by a new missionary. 

Monday, July 8: Pray for a revival of evangelism efforts at all outreach communities including Salaga. Pray the Lord will envision Gonja believers to pray for and share their faith actively.

Tuesday, July 9: Pray for the peace and stability, and transformation of Gonjaland (especially with its status as the newly created Savanna region). Pray for us for Divine protection from spiritual attacks and any harm. 

Wednesday, July 10: Pray that the Lord will frustrate every terrorist network and strategy against the Church from the north. Isa. 7: 1 – ‘7’

Thursday, July 11: We are still trusting God to build a multipurpose centre for children at KBE. Pray that the Lord will bring this vision to pass. 

Friday, July 12: Thank God for providing for the money for a bore hole to be sank in KNL station. Pray for God to bless the people He used. Matt. 10: 40 – 42. 

Saturday, July 13 Pray for all our partners/friends that the LORD will rebuke the devourer from their lives and cause it to be well with them.

Nanumba and Konkomba Fields

 Sunday July 14: We thank God for the evangelistic outreaches in June to our fields by Focus Higher International (FHI) and Great Commission Movement of Ghana.

We thank God for the souls won, the seeds sown, and the encouragement to the Church members, safety and logistics.

Monday, July 15.  Please pray that the souls won will grow and Christ be formed in them.

Pray that they will be focused and that God would keep reminding them of his word. 

Tuesday, July 16: Pray for those students (mostly youth), who came for the outreach that God would give them long term missions vision and involvement (Lam.3:27). Few of them plan to come back for their National Service in our communities. Pray that God will make it possible.

Wednesday, July 17: During the outreach, FHI team sponsored, and with the GM Church members molded about 500 blocks for the Church building. Thank God for this effort. Thank God for providing some funds from other sources to get more blocks. Pray that God that began it will use more people and that the GM believers would be strengthened to finish it.

Thursday, July 18: .Break the hold of idolatry, fear, intimidation, Islam and other powers that keep the people bound and kept them away from the gospel and from following Jesus. Ask for God’s deliverance, mercy and salvation. 

Friday, July 19: Pray for our teenagers and the youth in the church, that God will fill them with the Holy Spirit and his power.  SLF and NPR are teenagers in KPS Church but have not been stable because of persecution. Pray for God’s strength for them and other people including children passing through persecution. 

Saturday, July 20: As we enter the second half of the year, pray that our team (missionaries and volunteers) be quickened to achieve our goals for the year. Thank God for how he has been meeting our needs. Pray for more of his grace and provisions. 

Sunday, July 21: A lot of the youth have heard the gospel in the communities. Pray that God will do a mighty work in their lives and bring many to himself.

Monday, July 22: KING, JOY & HAN are National Service personnel. They are in charge of our Churches in GM &NYPN. Their service ends this month. Thank God for their lives and their voluntary work. Pray God’s presence with them, his blessings, God to order their lives, meet their needs and prosper them. Pray God to bring replacement. 

Tuesday, July 23: Pray for peace in Nanumba land and the entire Northern regions, so that the preaching of the gospel will not be hindered.

Odumase-Krobo Social Intervention Centre

Wednesday, July 24: Pray that God will continue to reveal himself to or girls going through discipleship, and give them direction for their life. 

Thursday, July 25: Our next grooming programme is coming up from the 18th to the 25th    of August, 2019. Pray that God should bring the ladies and glorify His name in our midst.

Friday, July 26: We have a land for the building of our Training Centre. Please pray that God will provide towards its development.

Saturday, July 27: Thank God for helping us in the reconciliation exercise. Pray that as we minister to the chief and elders, God should give them the real meaning of reconciliation that comes from Him. 

Sunday, July 28: Pray that the prayer meetings of our DIMEP graduates will eventually evolve into a CAPRO Sending Team (CAST).

National Office

Monday, July 29: Our National Council has finally appointed an auditing firm for the ministry. Please pray for God’s grace for the Admin Officer to be able to prepare all that is required for the auditing process.

Tuesday, July 30: Our Staff Retreat will be coming up from the 28th to the 30th of August, 2019. Please pray that God will give us a suitable venue for the staff to be physically refreshed.  Pray also for a time of spiritual renewal. Pray for the financial provision towards the retreat ($1,000).


Wednesday, July 31: Ghana was declared to be the most peaceful nation In West Africa by Africa Center for Security and Intelligence Studies (ACSIS). Please pray that this peace will be maintained. Bind every attempt for terrorists to cross our borders. Pray that God will nip in the bud any attempt for any terrorist organization to born within its borders. 

God bless you for praying!

CAPRO Ghana Team