Please join me in continued prayers for Sohail Sadiq and his ministry in Pakistan. You may read  about him in this previous post. A recent message from him:

I’m very thankful to God, he is a good planner and provider of resources. Today God took a huge work from RYF [Revival for Youth Fellowship] that we were blessed to have Sunday school teachers and Pastors from local churches. Total of 12 church pastors and Sunday teachers were present.

We had a meeting for Children Prayer Minister in which we meet and greet and shared about Go2020 and the motive behind giving prayer Calendar [see top picture]. Teachers were blessed to know the goal of WSC and a vision to gather more prayer warriors.

We are very thankful to God that he had his hand on our prayer fellowship. Many Pastors shared Speeches to encourage Sunday School Teaches and everyone gained their fruits that God had in treasures for them today. God gave us lots of blessing.

It is our need to now become the team member for the international prayer warriors. Please keep in Prayers that may God keeps on blessing the partnership of RYF and WSC that may God keeps on growing us for the fulfillment of his plans in our nation, to gather more heads to bow down before God.


Sohail Sadiq