Please join me in praying for Samuel Raju and his ministry in India. You may read more2019-6-25_6 about this ministry in this previous post. Pastor Samuel is the senior pastor and Pastor Grace Raju is the Kids and Youth Pastor.

Here is their update:

Here is the update of our Ministry in India: Grace Orphans Home: The kids are so happy about the cool weather as they suffered a heat wave conditions in summer. Now they are very busy with their school and started their academic studies.

On behalf of these dear precious ones, I would like to request you to pray for them as they need the “School Supplies” like school bags, uniforms and their sewing cost, text books, note books, pens, pencils and shoes as well and umbrellas as it is monsoon season. . . .These 25 orphans and poor children . . . really they deserve your love, care and concern.

Grace Widows Home: We have 25 widows in our home. Thank God for your prayers and continuous support for these dear needy ones who are deprived of their children’s love and care.

Always remember that there are around 50 people at this orphans and widows are praying for you morning and evening. It’s our privilege to pray for you and your work and the ministry.

Grace Ministries: So far we visited 7 villages and conducted outreach and reached some strong Hindus last week. I and some of our team pastors along with few of our church members visited some families in coastal villages also. God is doing some awesome things in the lives of people. We are together reaching these people with the gospel. Please pray for this gospel outreach to reach more villages.