2019-6-25_13Please join me in praying for Missionary Pastor Kota Ashok Kumar from India. He is the director of Jesus Orphans Home and other ministries in India. His wife is the women’s ministry director. Their son is a young evangelist. Their eldest son does music ministry.

Please take time to read below. This ministry is reaching out in so many ways . . . and the need is so great. Let’s cover them in prayer!

From Pastor Kumar . . .

Thousands of Indian our rural, delta , tribal, slums children living in the streets suffer daily due to lack of proper nutrition. These children are faced with blindness and a variety of other illnesses that only proper nutrition can relieve. India is a third-world country in which the general population is poor, illiterate, and basically ignorant of the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Because of these deplorable conditions, a vast majority of Indian families are unable to take proper care of their children. Due to this extreme poverty, many parents have little choice but to leave their children on the streets.

In order to survive, these precious children must resort to begging in the streets, market places, and even house to house. Since nutrient requirements are greater among children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers, this makes a dire situation even worse. Adding to the plight of these hungry children is the fact that they have no place to lay their precious heads at night with only the Big Dipper acting as their “roof.”

Upma is served to the street children daily. Upma is made from parts of the rice and wheat grain; adding onions, peanuts and spices, it makes a hot nutritious meal for the kids. A large pot of steaming upma feeds over 100 children. Please pray for the kids.

We are feeding 70 orphans & 50 poor widows. We have a gospel team with pastors,
evangelists , gospel workers. We are doing the Lord’s work rural , delta , slum areas of Andhra Pradesh, India. We need your prayers and your fellowship and your guidance to run this ministry and orphans’ home.


  1. Jesus Orphans Home
  2. Christian publications
  3. Evangelism and tracts distribution
  4. Pastors’ conferences
  5. Public meetings
  6. Youth retreats
  7. Women and converts ministry
  8. Church plantation, construction of prayer halls, community centers in needy areas
  9. Crusades
  10. Support to local gospel workers
  11. Medical help and feeding the HIV AIDS children.
  12. Education for poor children
  13. Tribal welfare
  14. Medical and mercy ministry
  15. Relief activities
  16. Drinking water
  17. HIV/AIDS awareness programs.

Our Jesus Orphans Home children back to school program: Children needs School uniforms, School bags ,Shoes, Note books, Text books, And others needs…. We are 50 children in our children home.