2019-6-22_2Please join me praying for Antoney Rajm and his family and ministry in India. In the picture are Pastor Antoney, Sowmya Susanna (his wife), Shreshta Lydia (their daughter), Shukraan Abraham (their son). Praise God that Shreshta Lydia is recovering from a recent bout with typhoid fever.

From Pastor Antoney:

Our ministry requests:

1. All the leaders to love God more and spend time together to pray.
2. All believers to commit themselves to Bible study once in a week.
3. Leaders to run away from lust and live a holy and blameless life.
4.Praise God non believers who could listen to Gospel. 85 new people who have heard the Gospel to become believers and disciples.

Our vision is to make disciples in Northern part of India.

1. Believers becoming Disciples
2. We are into Evangelism, Fellowship, Witness and Mission among non-believers in New Delhi.
3. We are doing Bible Study using LOAD – Life of a Disciple, navigators Bible study with memory verse.
4.Sunday worship, Children’s Church, Bible study and cottage prayer meeting is our weekly service.

Received this added news from Pastor Antoney on Sunday:

Today, Indian missionaries from Indian Evangelical Mission in Haryana state of India close to Indian capital New Delhi have been taken to police custody for false conversion complaint. God’s favor was upon our children of God so that police could release them. Only 0.2% are believers in this state. I want International christian community to know about this truth which is not exactly shared by our current government which is totally against Jesus Christ.