14_holy spirit worksThis week I received this request from Felix Ngamita in Uganda. Please join me in praying. You may read about Felix and his ministry in this previous post.

“2019 Northern Child Activity: We are planting 2 acres of cotton as an income-generating activity to support orphans, underprivileged and youth for better resource exploitation, management and control for improved quality of life between July to December 2019 in NWOYA district, northern Uganda.

“We have estimated 270 US dollar to complete this project 32 US dollar is provided.”

SN ITEMS Qnty AMOUNT in US dollar
1 Farm land hire 2 ACRES 32
2 Cotton seed 10 kg 2
3 Insecticides & spraying 15
4 labor weeding 4 times 140
5 Harvests 54
6 Transport to the buying point 20 km 27
NB; when the farm is well managed we are expecting to raise a minimum of 2000kg an equivalent of 648.6 US dollar at a price of 0.32 US dollar per killogram, a net profit of  378.6 US dollars.