2019-6-1Please join me in praying in continuing prayer for Pastor John Nartey, his family, and his ministry  in Ghana. He is a leader in Calvary Ministries CAPRO. He shared the following information. You may read more about the ministry on capromissions.org and on this previous post.

Regarding May Conference:

Yes! the conference really went well, even though attendance wasn’t much encouraging however the impact was great, contacts of participants taken, relationships establish and some started calling to inform us of how they started advocating to bring other people to come into partnership with Capro Ghana. Thanks for praying. Continue to pray with us for the lasting impact of the conference on the participants and that whatever effort they make to bring people on board for missions to be successful and fruitful.


National Office

Saturday, June 1: Thank God for His grace upon the lives of all our missionaries. Thank God for protection and travel mercies as we move from place to place. Thank Him for taking care of personal needs.

Sunday, June 2: Thank God for answering our prayers for the Strategic Conference in terms of provisions, spiritual impact, attendance and travel mercies and good weather. Thank God for those through whom the provisions were made and ask for God’s special blessings on their lives. Thank God for the testimonies given by those who attended. Pray that the spiritual impact will last.

Monday, June 3: Thank God for our council members. Please pray for more grace for them that despite their busy schedules they will still find time to be more involve in the activities of the ministry.

Tuesday, June 4: We intend to start our next set of Discipleship and Missions exposure programme (DIMEP) next quarter. Pray that God will send more candidates to add to the ones that have already subscribed to the programme.

Wednesday, June 5: The need for labourers cannot be over emphasised. Please pray that the Lord of harvest will send labours to His Harvest Field. Pray for life partners for our single brothers.

Odumase-Krobo Social Intervention Centre

Thursday, June 6: Thank God for the success of the Children and teenagers’ Conference held last month. Pray that the Holy Spirit will keep reminding the participants of what they learnt at the conference. Ask for God’s grace for them to put it into practice

Friday, June 7: Our Girls’ Grooming Session will be coming up from the 18th to the 25th of August. Let us pray that God will send the ladies to the programme. Pray for God’s provision for the programme. Pray for the manifestation of His presence. Pray for a heart disposed to learn, resulting to a transformed life.

Saturday, June 8: The reconciliation of the chiefs on the Krobo land is still on going. Thank God for the progress made so far. Pray for more wisdom and grace for the team as we are heading towards bringing together the Paramount chief and the Dorm chief who were at longer-head for 29 years now.

Sunday, June 9: Pray for the Churches in the Lower Manya that form the Municipal Council of Churches to cooperate with the reconciliation team in raising fund to continue the reconciliation work.

Monday, June 10: Thank God for the X-DIMEP graduates in the area that has come together and praying for the land. Pray that they will be committed to the Capro work on the ground and to missions at large.

Gonja Field

Tuesday, June 11: Pray that every Gonja Muslim family will have the opportunity to hear the good news clearly this year.

Wednesday, June 12: Pray that the Lord will raise 100 committed intercessors for the Gonja people, the missionaries working among them as well as their work.

Thursday, June 13: Pray that the Holy Spirit will empower and lead us continually to pray and share the gospel with the Gonja people in our network as well as train Christians in evangelism and disciple making.

Friday, June 14: Pray that the Lord will thrust out both full time and indigenous labourers for the Gonja harvest Field.

Saturday, June 15: Please keep praying for the spiritual growth of the disciples in KNL, KBC and KBE, especially that they keep the faith in the absence of the missionaries.

Sunday, June 16: Pray that the Lord will raise “Nehemiahs” who will support the following ministry projects and needs: a. Furniture for the church and the school in KNL b. Gospel audio recording in Gonja language ($300).  The wiring of KNL Worship centre and audio visual equipment ($100). 1 motorcycle for a new missionary on the field. Building of Worship centre at KBC ($9,000)

Nanumba and Konkomba Fields

Monday, June 17: .As a result of our ongoing partnership with Campus Crusade for Christ International and Focus Higher International, they will come with about 40 students from tertiary institutions, for three weeks this month. We shall have evangelistic outreaches and film shows in about ten Nanumba and Konkomba villages, including places where we are working.

Pray for: open heavens and open hearts, salvation of souls, believers to be established in Christ, healings and deliverances, anointing, protection and wisdom for all participants, provision and logistics, peace in the land and the name of Jesus to be glorified.

Tuesday, June 18: .Pray that the right students would come, God will grant understanding and long term missions vision to them, as he also mobilize them for greater harvests.

Wednesday, June 19: .Thank God for the successful training of Church members on Discipling Market Place leaders. Pray that the Spirit of God will enable them to apply it to their lives and win souls in their communities.

Thursday, June 20: We had women empowerment workshop in May, where about 40 people mostly women learned how to make different types of soaps and detergent. This empowers them to diversify their sources of income. Pray that these women will all know Jesus, walk with him, and grow to be true disciples and women of God in the land.

Friday, June 21: Continue to pray for those that gave their lives to Christ during Easter convention in April. Pray that God will open the eyes of their understanding, grasp the glorious riches of Christ, grow and be rooted in him.

Saturday, June 22: We have 3 people who did their National service in two of our communities and overseeing our Churches there. Their service ends next month. Thank God for their lives, the services rendered and commitment. Ask God to reward them in his own ways.

Pray that God will bring more people and raise up local leaders as well.

Sunday, June 23: Thank God for all of us (including partners and volunteers) working as a team to advance God’s kingdom in this land. Pray for protection, renewal and daily encounters with God. Ask God to raise more workers and partners. Pray God to raise leaders and workers from the local assemblies.

Monday, June 24: .The KJS Church has been built and roofed and the doors secured. Thank God with us for how far he has helped us. Pray for the resources for the plastering, to get the windows and fix the doors. Pray also that God will use the building to draw more souls to himself and that the Church be united in him.

Tuesday, June 25: .MJD, PNYL, NYPN and GM Churches each need her own place of worship. Pray for resources and for motivation for the believers to spearhead the building of their worship places.

Wednesday, June 26: Please continue to pray for the salvation of Moslems all over the world. That Jesus be revealed to them and for them to turn to Christ in their numbers.


Thursday, June 27: Please pray for the grace of persistence and wisdom for the mission’s fraternity to continue to knock and push the doors of the hearts of pastors and churches for both local and world evangelism.  Lk.11: 5 – 10; 18: 35 – 43

Friday, June 28: Thank God for the few pastors catching the vision for discipleship, evangelism and missions. Please pray for help from above for them to do it. Pray that they will be examples for their denominations and the majority of pastors, church leaders and members to emulate. Jn. 4: 28 – 30, 39 – 42.

Saturday, June 29: ACSIS revealed that the next targeted country of the Suicide bombers / Terrorist after the attacked of the Catholic Church in Burkina Faso is Ghana. Please pray that besides efforts the country’s security God Himself will keep our borders from the evil ones. Isa. 7:1–7.

Sunday, June 30: Thank God for the life of His servant, Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo-Addo the president of Ghana, his gov’t, and vision (Planting for food and Jobs, 1 District 1Factory; 1 Village 1 Dam; Ghana beyond Aid; Free SHS etc). Please pray for wisdom for the President and for the right people to facilitate these agendas. 1Tim. 2: – 4.

Pray against anyone with Haman’s spirit (self-seeking) whether in the gov’t or not to be exposed and deal with. Est. 7: 5 – 10. Pray for the Mordechai type of persons who will seek the welfare and peace of the people to be sported and exalted to the rightful positions. Est. 8: 1-2; 10: 3.

God Richly Bless You for Praying