I have heard from Pastor Davis Juma in Western Kenya about some special needs. Please read below and orphans.6join me in praying for these needs. (More about Pastor Juma’s ministry here.)
Please pray for us. I have  lost one of the orphans under my care to cholera on Friday. Her friend bought a piece of round bread on the street and they shared when they were coming from school and upon reaching home she began vomiting and diarrhea. There was no mature person at home so when we came back she had lost much fluid in the body. she was  rushed  to hospital and she died while undergoing treatment. She was in grade 7.
     It is also said that her other friend is fighting for her life in the hospital. We have heard cases of cholera outbreak in the resent past something that forced public health officers to ban  food that is not inspected  in social gatherings.
     I am so sad that this has happened. My sadness is not only that  all burden for funeral is resting on me but that I have lost a promising orphan who was bright at school and had much hope.
     Pray for our strength and also for some finances to help bring the body from the mortuary and bury. Satan likes discouraging God’s people for sure. When my heart was  at peace and joyful at the great harvest of my recent mission Satan has brought a dark cloud to hang around me. But God knows better. We may be surprised, but He is not surprised.
Yours In God’s Service
Pastor Davis Ochieno Juma
-Fishing the lost and feeding the found.