I recently connected with Sylivano Kaheru, who ministers in Kaisolya Village in Uganda. He described his village and a little of the ministry below. Please join me in praying.

2019-5-29_1Kaisolya Village in Uganda Kaisolya is a young rural village in Kakindo in the sub-county of western Hoima District, Uganda. It was born from a need to create a new place to live for the people of this region as over-population began to increase following years of civil war in the Bunyoro Kingdom that saw around 750,000 people being displaced. According to 1997 projections, the total population of the Bunyoro Kingdom was between 800,000 and 1,400,000 living in 250,000-350,000 households.

96% of the population live in rural areas, and only 1% of the population uses electricity for lighting and cooking. More than 92% of the population are poor, and has earnings less than half that of the Ugandan national average, while about 50% of the population is illiterate.

Kaisolya is only ten years old and was created when the local Kakindo council of 11 decided something had to be done to house 120 desperate families and many orphan children. But since its inception in 2005 life in Kaisolya has not been easy. The homes are nothing more than tree poles roofed with leaves. Food is scarce and what little water there is takes a six kilometre trek to fetch and carry back. There is no electricity at all in Kaisolya, the villagers rely solely on mate candles and lighted dry reeds for lighting at night time.

Am from Hoima and has family in Kaisolya. Am 35 years-old, a qualifieda church leader2019-5-29_2 but spends most of my time caring for the orphans in Kaisolya. Am describing what life is like in the village and the many hardships we face day to day.

“These children were born in Kaisolya village. Their parents when they were still young, but the children remained with me and as a church leader, we have tried to help them with food, but we have challenges of nursery education for them and clothing.

“We get food in our garden and sometimes when there is drought there is a shortage of food and we suffer the consequence, there is a problem getting water as we have to walk 3 km to get to a shallow well. Most of the time we get water from ponds when there is rain and a small river in a valley.”

All the women and men in Kasoilya village are peasants and use very basic hand hoes for gardening their small fields. They do not receive payment for anything they grow, and only sell very little of what they do grow for salt and soap; all the remaining food, little as it is, is for home food in the village. “We don’t get any help from Oxfam or the Red Cross or any other charities. In fact the Red Cross come to look for blood to be donated by the village people, but they are not helped.

“During the day we are working in our gardens and in the night sleeping. During the night we sleep and relax. In our village there is no school, or nearby, the schools are far away in centres and the town in Hoima. The nearest town is about 50 Miles away from our village.

2019-5-29_3“During the summer the weather is very hot and in winter the conditions become much colder. Life becomes even harder then as all roads become muddy and there is nowhere to pass, and bushes grow and become mosquito hides and breeds there so malaria becomes rampant.

“Our houses are made up from tree poles and we use grass for roofing them but the challenge is to prevent them from termite attacks and decaying quickly; hence there are many leaks in the house.

What I do in my village is work of leading the church and in my small garden to get food for the orphan children and other families in my small way. Our church would help but it is still young and growing, and also needs support to grow.

“Our village is very poor. Not every parent or guardian in the surrounding villages can afford to send the children and young dependents to school. The villagers are rural peasants who use the hand hoe for subsistence farming, they do not earn enough to compete with the raising standards of educating the children in the country, they cannot afford to send their children to school. This means that the children of elites (the educated and better earning class) will educate their children and the village peasants will never study, which creates imbalance in the ruling and working, of the country.”

Kaisolya is run by the local council but it is not well organised as the chair person is not educated, and the council fails to meet regularly to discuss issues, they still believe in traditional cultures which is not helping the village to progress and thrive. “I am requesting well-wishers to pray for us and help me face these challenges so the village can survive and grow. It has a future but we need a lot of support God bless you Kind regards SYLIVANO KAHERU Tumuheise Uganda, email sylivanokaheru@gmail.com

I received this message from Sylivano yesterday:

Dear servant of God blessings! I send humble and polite request to you and your family to help me with food and clothing we are starving no food and children cry for me, I have been looking for someone to help us with little rice but have failed we took tea only without sugar and bread for supper, thank you so much for concern I remain yours in God s grace and Christ Jesus humble service blessings! Kind regards

Please pray!