I recently “met” Christopher Simeon on LinkedIn. Please read below his description of this ministry and join me in praying!

I’m the director/founder of Global Aid Foundation for youth’s /less- privileged, the Gambia. Our areas of concentration include vocational training, feeding, education support as well as Bible clubs in schools for citizenship training both physically and biblical, irrespective of gender, religion, belief, race, or creed. The Bible club is an area we constantly seek partnership in spreading God’s Word.


This program helps schools fulfill their governmental requirement of equal opportunity and access to religious training in the Christian sector, since Qur’anic teaching is already mostly implemented. This project’s significance includes, but is not limited to: Great in its mission Godly values, Christian Doctrines and Teaching will be taught in conjunction with how this applies to all sectors and walks of the students’ lives. Therefore, this will enable them to be better students, better behaved at home and better siblings, and productive citizens, equipped with a “can do” attitude!

Great in its promise

Purchase of school/biblical materials, school sponsorship, and planting schools in needed communities.

Great in its scope

The participants will learn among other things, leadership skills, citizenship, interpersonal-communication, personal responsibility for their actions- both good and bad, as well as having a sense of self-worth, value and dignity instilled into them.

Although I live in Barcelona, Spain with my Spanish wife and there we coordinate things from here for our principal target country The Gambia, West Africa. In view of the above, we seek for strategic partnership in getting us some educational materials ,Bible materials and of course support to our volunteer Bible teachers . For more details please, visit us at www.globalaid.international