Please join me in praying for Pastor Amanet Masih in Pakistan. I have been conversing with him on LinkedIn:

I am from Pakistan and for many years I have been working in Pakistan for the kingdom of God. I have told a lot of Muslim peoples about Jesus Christ I have win their hearts in the name of JESUS  CHRIST.

i am also working on brick kilns me and my family are slavery person of brick kilns. In the evening i goes to work for the God and visit many families like our family and share with the them the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I accepted Lord Jesus Christ [when] the pastor Eli Wahab visit our brick kilns. He continually come every Monday and teach us and preach the true Gospel. One day he preached the Gospel John 1:3-5, when he finished his preaching i was crying and crying and said to pastor Eli Wahab. i need light the light of Lord Jesus Christ. After this evening my life has been totally changed after day by day God increasing me with His love. Now i am serving God with all my heart and passion because He chosen me as Bible tells us in John 15:16.

We works among children who are in Brick kilns. They want to study but can’t, because of their situation, they are very poor, they do not have food, clothing and walking bare foot. They are facing hunger and working in too much sunshine. When I look at these children’s my heart break. These Christians children’s are the pillar of the future generations. But now they are laboring. My heart keeps those children’s who work at a younger age. We search for such children’s and arrange for their education and help them to become a better citizen like other children’s, if you help this Children’s contact us pastor Amanat Email .

We are preaching the Good News among the non-believers .we invite Evangelists, Pastors, Missionaries and many servants of Lord from other countries to serve the Lord in the nation of Pakistan. We arrange Big Healing Crusades, small Crusade, Conventions, for the glory of the lord. Pakistan is a Muslim Country. The Crusades are the best way to preach Jesus Gospel in the Muslims and win the souls for Jesus.

Please keep us all in your prayer May God bless you Your brother in Christ Amanat masih