Pray for Ministries around the World
Please continue to join me in praying for Pastor Bushebi and the Gospel Believers Fellowship in Kenya:


Nasyanda GBF Church service was a blessing with 43 Members attending the service. We welcomed 5 visitors who joined the flock for prayers towards the completion of the new church building. We were blessed with the move of the Holy Spirit that ministered to many as they cried, wailed and shouted aloud in response to God’s presence. We saw healing, infilling, deliverance during the prayer time. All glory to God….

SALVATION:Winning Souls for God
– 7 Youths gave their lives during 3 days Chwele Youth seminar started on Wednesday April 24th to Saturday 27th.
– 3 People gave their lives to Christ in Lung’anyiro 1 day Leaders Seminar on Wednesday April 24th
– 2 Youths gave their lives to Christ in 1 day Bungoma Church Youth Rally on Saturday April 27th last week.
– 4 Women gave their lives to Christ during the 4 days District Women Seminar at Koteko GBF Church
We Praise God for the Harvest He has done during the last week’s events!!!

MIRACLES, HEALING AND DELIVERANCE: All glory to our Father in heaven!!!
– 5 Women got healed from stomach complications and testified in Women conference at Koteko
– 4 Women got delivered from Familiar spirits that have tormented their lives for years.
– 3 marriages were salvaged from breaking after the Holy Spirit ministered to them in Word of Knowledge.
– 7 Youths who had violent reaction during prayer times were prayed for deliverance and calmed down when the Lord touched them
– 2 self confessed Illuminati youths were led to renounce and break connections and covenants with the devil, they are now at peace with the Lord.
– We had healing from Headache, Legs, Chest pains and others
– We also witnessed the baptism and infilling of the Holy Spirit

We had a one day Leaders seminar at Lung’anyiro with Brother Protus Mudoshi that saw 82 attend the teaching sessions on April 24th. The Lord ministered over their lives with enablement by the Holy Spirit in Word and anointing for works.

Robert and Irene were given an opportunity to minister to about 55 Youth at Chwele GBF Church on April 26th who camped for 3 days before schools opening in May 2019. The Lord ministered in Word, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Infilling bringing revival amongst them.

A one day seminar was conducted in Bungoma GBF Head Church on Saturday April 27th that saw about 64 attend. The Lord ministered to the Youth in Word, healing and deliverance. April has been a great month to get the Youths due to closure of schools. All praises and Glory to our Father!!!!

Women in Busia/ Teso region organized for a 4 days Seminar at Koteko Church that saw about 72 Women attend as from April 24th to Sunday 28th. The Lord blessed the Women in Word, healing, Deliverance, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, Infilling, Word of Knowledge and Wisdom etc.

Prayer Requests

We open on Tuesday May 7th and look forward to have more new students joining the program. We all look to Him in all we are in. Your prayer is a great strength as we look forward to accommodate more hungry Souls after we have completed the new Class Rooms structure.

FILM MINISTRY: A need to go out…..
We are now getting more requests from around here asking us to take the ‘Jesus Film’ show to them. It seems this program can be of great benefit in winning Souls if the Lord’s resources for gas and other few equipment for better presentation. Send us Lord!!!!

orphans and other needy children return to School this week as schools open according to Government Education Calendar. Usually its hectic time for many parents who have a mandate to make ends meet for the needs of their Children. This is a reality even to us who depend on the Lord in caring for the less fortunate. Your continued Prayers and Support are so precious… God bless!!!

1. A need for Bibles for new Converts, Literature Bible school students 2. Orphans and Widows 3. Bikes for Pastors/Evangelists 4. Bible School Class Construction 5. Church Planting Program 6. Water and Medical Care 8. Primary and Secondary Education needs.

Brother Bushebi and Ministry Family.
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Deuteronomy 28:9 
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