Please join me in praying for Pastor John Nartey, his family, and his ministry  in Ghana. He is a leader in Calvary Ministries CAPRO. He shared the following information. You may read more about the ministry on and on this previous post.

I came back from the Easter convention from the Northern Ghana among the Nanumbas and the Konkombas converts from the Unreached trips. Friday and Saturday we had it in their communities.

On Saturday one Muslim (a family man) gave his live to Jesus in the community I went to. Many were revived, Healed,delivered etc. Please pray for them to keep the fire burning [and] that more people in the communities will com to know and accept Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

I need to visit them frequently but with the public transport it has to take about 15 hrs or more while with personal car will be about 7 to 8 hrs. Pray with me for a stronger car for this and visit to other fields also in the north and others.

To God be all the glory. Be praying with us also for partners (individuals, groups, foundations etc.) to partner with us in terms of: Exploring – visit our fields, and support us financially and materially. As even in Accra we need a property of our own for a national base to stop spending the little that we have for the work on rent. “Missions work without support is like kicking a ball with a fractured leg”.

The pictures are the Sunday service when we all came together in Wulensi, the District Capital of the Nanumba South District in the Northern Region, Ghana.