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Learning to Preach

Please join me in praying for a young man in Uganda who is stepping out into ministry. His name is Felix Ngamita. In communicating with Felix on LinkedIn and by email, I have been blessed by his excitement about making a difference in the kingdom and touching hearts and lives by sharing the love and grace of Jesus! He has been working under a mentor and is now stepping out to build his ministry. He and his team have even been praying for my family.


Here is a little of what he shared with me about his vision:


  1. Street and Market Preaching. We have gained confidence to boldly speak to the rich and poor alike of the saving grace message of the Lord Jesus.
  2. Home Evangelism and Healing Service. We have witnessed many people running to Jesus through this activity of preaching grace and praying for the community in their various homes. Many get saved and approximately 60% of the numbers prayed for stand and become serious members of church. Those who have experienced the kindness of God have drastically become the connectors of our church to their friend inviting them to come and witness Christ’s mercy for themselves.
  3. Prayer and Phone Call Prayer. This is so much anointed for reaching the Muslims. One brother in the team has been so blessed to lead many Muslims to Christ and has become a story told in the mouth of the Muslims through praying and preaching to the Muslims and other people over the phone.
  4. Work Place Fellowship. The Lord told me to always remember to serve him at work place with my character, preach to employees at work place and display the transformation that the grace of God brings in human life as they come to Jesus with their life. I started in 2016 one hour lunch time fellowship at work place and 2 hours street preaching in the evening in jam after work in order to reach the different races moving on their journey. The fellowship has given me encouragement as I see out of thirteen members of the fellowship, 5 of them are disciples now and are now Sunday school teachers, interpreter, and programmers on Sunday in their churches.

Upcoming Events

  1. Mission Camp. I have a dream to organize a talented team of youth and even willing elders in music, dance, football, preaching, teaching, counselling and drama who will be ready to pool some of their resources . . . and camp in the villages around the world . . . to preach Jesus in the community through the enabling work of the Holy Spirit using their talent.
  2. Pure Worship. We encourage and promote desire for earnest worship, exalting and heart moving worship to the Lord.
  3. Northern Child. This is a project already written and has been operating at a personal level seeking to reach our hurting world in which we live with the grace of Jesus. By being a mission oriented project to the school dropout girls, orphans and other vulnerable youth who mostly suffer child labor, unwanted pregnancy, drug abuse, [and more] we see that if there be in our heart a desire to show them that there is still hope for the future through a holistic ministry emphasizing on the grace of God for them, they can become one of the best responsible citizen in the community. We support them to involve in vocational life skill training such as hair dressing, carpentry, writing, mechanics, welding, driving, bakery, crafts, making liquid soap, detergent, etc.
  4. Christian Leaders Training. As Nebuchadnezzar said in Daniel 1:3-4 we believe that for any kingdom to develop, the people have to be taught the language and literature of that kingdom. And that for us is Bible language and literature has to be taught to us. There is lying in our heart a vision to have Christian leaders thoroughly taught with the Bible for our stronger faith development.
  5. Church Planting. By the grace of God we desire to plant churches in future where won souls can fellowship and grow into mature Christians who exhibit their true love for Christ.

Row 1: Training young talent; Felix and his wife; Felix and colleagues doing cultural dance at Kampala school; morning devotion at work

Row 2: Felix’s first daughter; Felix; involving youth at church in sporting activities; vulnerable Northern children

Row 3: Street preaching; work place ministry; learning to preach