I have been posting prayer requests for Hermon Hira and his ministry in Bangladesh. You may read more about the ministry on the original post (see post here). Hermon also has a new devotional blog. I hope you will follow him there.

Here are two  new requests. Please join me in praying!

I am sending few pictures about the tribe kids who lives under privilege.they want to study but in their mountain area have no school, also their parents have no ability to provide money for their children study. please pray for them. We praying for this tribe kids about a hostel,so that we can build up them in Christ value.


Outreach Postponed

Today we got a bad news, our government sarculered no one can enter out of mountain area till the local elections period. we had planned to go to the mountain area on 7 march.8 & 9 March had planned for the training program for the new believer but now we have to change our schedule. please pray for us and our next Evangalical tour.