Pastor Nartey and Family


Please join me in praying for Pastor John Nartey, his family, and his ministry  in Ghana. You may read about him and the ministry in this previous post. Below are CAPRO prayer requests for March.


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National Office

Friday, March 1: Thank God for His mercies, grace and favour upon all of us that brought us this far. Pray for the multiplication of this grace and favour upon our lives.

Saturday, March 2: Pray for the few faithful and committed partners of the ministry that, as they consider their partnership as a calling, God will also help them in fulfilling it. Pray for God to bless them according to His word (Prov. 11: 24 – 26). Pray that many people will respond to this called of partnership in divers ways with the ministry.

Sunday, March 3: Naaza and Hannah Badu are new CAPRO staff. Their local Church have accepted and is COMMISSIONING them today. Pray for full understanding of the church in the light of Acts 13: 1 – 3 as a commissioning and not mere send off. Pray for massive attendance and participation. Pray also that this will lead to a lasting partnership between the church and Capro Ghana.

Monday, March 4: SMICON 2019 is 23rd – 25th May. The Theme is “LIGHTENING THE WORLD” (Jn. 1: 4 – 5; Matt. 5: 13 – 16). Pray for wisdom, strength and favour for the organising team. The budget is $ …… Pray for God to touch the heart of His people who will give to meet this need Ex. 35: 21, 29.

Tuesday, March 5: The National Coordinator pay for our rent ($950) by the end of this Month. Pray that God Who is able to use even Raven and a Widow to provide for Elijah will use His own to meet this need ones again.

Gonja Field

Wednesday, March 6: Praise the Lord for sending us a fulltime Capro missionary to the Gonja field! Pray for grace, wisdom etc. for Bro CA to integrate well into the team and for an effective ministry.

Thursday, March 7: Pray for the Field leader’s trip to Kenya for training from 6-14 March, 2019. Pray that his travel pass ray for funds, safe travel for him and all participants. Pray for the impartation of the Spirit during the training

Friday, March 8: Pray for wisdom and power as we plan to engage the church in SLG on discipleship and missions

Saturday, March 9: Pray that the Church denominations in SLG will focus on the Gonjas and other indigenous tribes for discipleship and Church planting

Sunday, March 10:  Pray for the baptism of 9 believers at KBC which has been put off a couple of times. Challenge any power working against the prosperity of their souls.

Monday, March 11: Praise and pray for MSA’s deliverance from chest infection and for financial help from social welfare for some medical expenses. Pray that her left lung be quickened to live again

Tuesday, March 12: Pray for funds for the completion of the KNL worship centre.  Pray also for financial provision for the construction of a worship centre at KBC. And pray for financial partners for the construction of a multi purpose Children centre at KBE.

Wednesday, March 13: Pray for funds for land and construction of a new base accommodation. Our current house may not be available to us in near the future.


Thursday, March 14: Pray that God will continue to lead the Reconciliation Team in giving us wisdom, knowledge and understanding in handling the issues we meet at every stage

Friday, March 15: The Teenagers’ Conference will be coming up from April 30 to May 3. Please pray that God will give us the right facilitators. Pray for a successful organisation of the programme, in terms of logistics. Pray the provision of the needed funds. 

Nanumba and Konkomba Fields

Saturday, March 16: Thank God for His hands upon the field leader. Pray that God’s grace and wisdom will continue to guide him both in the spiritual work and physical labours – human relationships and constructions management. Thank God for good health for him. Pray that the Lord will daily renew his strength for every good work.

Sunday, March 17: Thank God for our friends and partners standing with us through their prayers, giving etc. Thank God for us as a team of missionaries and volunteers on ground. Pray that the joy of of the Lord will continue to renew our strength in this sun scorched land and rugged roads.

3b. Pray that God will bless us and meet us at the points of our personal and spiritual needs and desires in this 2019.

Monday, March 18: Pray that God will raise a (minimum of 50 people especially youth) Nanumbas filled with the spirit, power and wisdom of God, and led by Him, who will move through the land – preaching Christ with boldness and with signs and wonders following them. Mark 16:15-18

Tuesday, March 19: Pray that God will raise and strengthen more youths to be filled with the Holy Spirit in the churches in all our communities. Pray that the Lord will help them overcome all their challenges physically and spiritually.

Wednesday, March 20: In GM church, we lost a dear brother on the 14th of February 2019. Pray for the family he left behind as well as the church that God will comfort and fill in the gap for them

Thursday, March 21: As we embark on ‘Discipling Marketplace Leaders’ in all the churches, pray for understanding and wisdom for them to implement the training according to Acts 8:4.

Friday, March 22: There are those who want to come to Christ/church, but are afraid of persecutions. Pray that they be set free from all bondages and worship God with boldness and in Spirit and in truth. . Pray that every barrier (cowardice, prejudice, deception) to the Gospel would be broken.

Saturday, March 23: LTF, ERS, SRY from KPS village have not been stable in their walk with God. Ask for fresh divine encounter for them and others like them, and for their full restoration into fellowship. Pray for SLF a teenager that he will be rooted in Christ. Pray for infilling of the Holy Spirit for Sister Pat for God to use her greatly.

Sunday, March 24:  MBK is a young believer and an SHS student from KJS. He is facing persecutions from his family and is being asked to withdraw from school. Pray against this move and ask God to protect him, strengthen him in faith and for him to finish his schooling successfully without interruptions

Monday, March 25: Thank God for HS, ABT, DJM, UMR and others from KRJ who have continued to follow the Lord despite challenges and opposition. Pray for more grace on them, divine help, protection and closer walk with the Lord.


Saturday, March 26: Thank God for commitment and dedication of a group of pastors on the Krobo land who since our February 2018 conference volunteer to meet every fortnight to intercede for the land, the church and other issues and they are keeping it. Pray for God to continue to strengthening and guiding them.

 Sunday March 27: By the grace of God we were able to bring together all the past DIMEP graduates to form a prayer cell but the ultimate is to start CAST with them. Pray that God will strengthen them first as a prayer force and finally move on to the ultimate (CAST). Pray for Sister Esther Basadji the missionary in the area for grace and wisdom to harness and direct these dreams into reality.


Tuesday, March 28: Thank God for the efforts the missions fraternity in Ghana is making in  pushing missions forward. Pray that   will yield maximum fruits that will last.

Wednesday, March 29: Thank God for the response of so far of the response of the Church in Ghana to missions. Pray for God to quicken their steps towards implementing their commitments.

Thursday, March 30: Pray for the politicians in Ghana to love Ghana above their own personal interests.

Friday, March 31: Pray for the president and his cabinet for continuous wisdom in governance so that peace will be maintain in the county 1 Timothy 2:1-3.

God bless you for praying.