Please join me in praying for Pastor James Waiya and his ministry at Bethesda Baptist Church in Kenya. We met recently on LinkedIn.

Thank you for meeting you at LINKEDin social media. I have read statement of faith of CES and I agree with it. I would like to be part of your community in order we can have fellowship in praying for each other and working with each other as a church to advance God’s Kingdom through Bible preaching, teaching and evangelizing. You and your team are welcome to Kenya. May God bless you.
I thought it wise to send you these . . . photos to see yourself the ministry I have here in Kenya. It was last Chrismas event. We had Christmas dinner with children in my community and you can see me above top preaching.
You brethren can unite together and pray for us. Bethesda Baptist Church is a small church located at few kilometers from City of Nairobi. My fellow co-pastor is Isaac Wanyonyi. We are not full time pastors. Wanyonyi is a young man working with a security firm and myself is now 71 years old doing small scale poultry investment. My wife also retired from Kenyatta University. She was working in a student dispensary as a cleaner.
Please pray for us at Bethsda and also pray for Wanyonyi and myself as we serve Bethesda Baptist Church.
Please let me hear from you.I can see other Kenyan pastors in your prayer blog I wish I can meet them soon.

Pastor James K Waiya,
Bethesda Baptist Church