Please join me in praying for Pastor Isaac Thejith Kumar and his ministry in India. He introduced himself and shared about the ministry this way:

My name is Isaac Thejith Kumar married. My wife name is Lydia Sumani. I’m working as Evangelist, Assistant Pastor under my Father and my Father in law. I’m a worship leader. Youth Pastor. We do charity works for the Poor People. We have Orphanage home for Children. We help for Leprosy people. We give food for Homeless Poor People on the streets. We help widows. Giving food Clothing and needs to the Poor. Pray for us that God should give us strength to help the Poor and Needy to establish His Kingdom.

We want to help to more Homeless Poor People on the streets and also we want to help for the Leprosy people in some villages and we have  to take care of some Orphan Children we have with us in Hyderabad Telangana State in India. Please pray that God Should help us financially to help for the Poor and Needy & Leprosy and Orphan Children.