Please join me in praying for Winston Capilitan and his family and ministry in the Philippines.

2019-1-29_1THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST that I have pastor for long years is located at Family Village, Suarez, Iligan City, Philippines. The land is rented and the little church is under renovation by now. We have funds collected every Sunday to spend for the repair and now we have 15k or $300 .We continue giving any amount  every Sunday until now but we still need to  do it continually because it is too small . This [photo on left] is our regular Sunday Service in our local church in Suarez.iligan city.

And this is the Pictures of our church building in Suarez local church:

Pray for these children [see below] to grow in the presence of God and be useful in the ministry as their parents continue in serving God . I see poverty made them reluctant in continuing their desire to serve God. Maybe education could help these children to encourage them. Help us pray they can study until they can graduate. i believe it is one way of helping them in preparing their future while spiritual education in the church is also being one of priority.

Help us pray for these folks to accept Jesus Christ by heart as i can see they are in need of the holy guidance. They are our outreach somewhere in Zamboanga del Norte. Still need education where there children grow without education. Got married children again not went to school .Help us pray for them.