Please join me in praying for Hermon Hira, his family, and his ministry. I met Hermon on LinkedIn and have received many scriptural words of encourage from him. Here is more about his ministry . . . in his own words.

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ! My name is Hermon Hira . My father was a pastor, so I was raised in a Christian family. When I was very young, my parents dedicated me for Christ’s work, so I am honored that God has chosen me for His work!

We have been working in Bangladesh since 2006 with couple of ministry. And now we (I and my wife) working with Elohim Church and ministry. We had already witnessed God’s power in so many ways as we are enter so many year of our ministry.

God is at work in Bangladesh, and we are honored to be a small part of what He is doing. The focus of our work is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ among village/Hill tracts area. This includes sharing the Gospel to the people. As you might guess, it is quite challenging to share the Gospel with the people, but God is faithful.

Bangladesh is a Muslim country, so our work is not easy. Most of the people here do not tolerate other religions, but God is using us to bring lost souls to Jesus Christ.

Our Ministry Needs: Our Ministry financial policy involves support raising. We have no fixed salary. However, we must raise our living allowance, house rent, medical allowance, ministry expenses, etc. . .  In Matthew 10:10(b) Jesus said that “a worker is worthy of his support”, so we look to the Lord to provide our support needs. . . . We are convinced that that if God wants us to continue His work, He will provide the necessary resources.

Hermon Hira Elohim Church and ministry.