Please join me in continuing to pray for this wonderful ministry in Pakistan. Sohail Sadiq and I have been communicating on LinkedIn. He great desires . . . and needs . . . our prayers. If you missed the first post, please read about his ministry here.

Here are some updates from our brother:

A Pakistani Christian man named Qaiser Ayub Bhatti got accused of making blasphemous website against Islam. He flee to Thailand in 2010 to seek asylum but was rejected by UNHCR in 2013 and his file was closed . And unfortunately he had to come back to Pakistan, after staying out of city for one year, he opened up an educational academy because he was a well educated man and master in Computer, a year later he and his brother got arrested and we’re sent to jail. And very sadly today on 17-Dec-2018 death sentence has been announced for them by Justice Javed Iqbal. Please Pray for Pakistani Christian people that may God provide them protection while living in Pakistan.

Revival for youth fellowship aims for the spiritual and physical betterment of Pakistani persecuted children, youth and widows. And tries to support them with different sources. If God gives you or your organization burden to help the Pakistani Christian community to come up. Please keep praying for the Christian community. If not much at least monthly support for any of the clause as, Education, sport or spiritual seminars etc. So that God’s plan be filled through RYF in 2019. wish you a very Happy New Year and God my bless you and your family.