I recently connected with Mokua Douglas, pastor of Riamaina Hope congregation,on LinkedIn. Please join me in praying for him, his family, and his ministry.

I want to thank the Lord for this opportunity to be with us here in Kenya kisii highland. The connection between you and me here is not by our own lives but it was so by the Will of God.

The following details is what I do here in Kenya kisii highland.

Ritongo  Orphanage- kenya


The Ritongo orphanage-kenya centre is a group of kids who lost their parents from various obstacles like:road accident, long disease suffering and suddenly death. The center is therefore made to bring the kids back to normal life like there before the parents of their own died.

The name of the orphanage.

The orphanage centre is Ritongo orphanage-kenya centre. The name Ritongo is our local name language. Ritongo is a place where someone has moved from where he had build a mud housing hold. That place is so fertile and produce great harvest when planted.

Now, our Ritongo is here back to provide fertile life to the kids whose parents died. Ritongo, hope for the kids who are going to be tomorrows leaders.

Mission of the orphanage centre

Being the Ritongo to the kids, we are hereby here to take tenderness to the kids where applicable to be made in the following areas :
1:to provide standards of living /housing to the orphans kids like any other kids.
2:to provide good, quantity and quality of feeding program.
3:to provide good system of clothing to them as per the will of God.
4:to nature the kids to be resourceful hence productive in the community in the coming days.
5:to train the in the Holy Word of God and who we are to the Lord who created us.
6:to help the kids to grow up in wisdom and stature in favour to God and the surrounding community members.

Limitations to the center,

1: lack of funds to maintain the so called human being wants and needs in total and proper standards.
2: unpredictable weather to changes that affect our mode of housing leading to pneumonia attack .
3: lack of enough space that needed to the orphans kids are outside there to enter in.

Our concerns
1: God to open up the doors to create good living place for the orphanage kids.
2: God to open up the doors to have more kids that wants to be with us in the center too.
3: God to open up the doors to have good jointly living standards of the orphans kids.