Please join me in praying for Pastor Moses Sabika and Kingdom Builders Church International in Uganda. He sent me the following information on LinkedIn.


Praise be to God. I got saved in June 2002 after graduating from college as a Secondary School teacher. I was raised up from two different Churches but along the line God was speaking to me to start a Church.

Pray for our church needs most primarily Ministry land and for education support for the vulnerable children like this one called Davis whose mother is ill, Davis will be joining secondary school  in Feb 2019 and $500 can cover his fees for the entire year.

In 2010 October, Kingdom Builders Church International started from a rented school hall in one of the Primary Schools located here in Jinja town. Last year 2017, spoke to me about the relocation of the Church to where we are now at Buwekula Village in Mafubira Subcounty still in Jinja District. This where we are right now since January 7th 2018 on a rented piece of land. We are asking God to provide us with $6000 to get a piece of land for the church and ministry for a start.

The ministries we are doing include ; education support in terms of school fees and so far I am helping three students, evangelism through open field crusades, leaders conference and I held one from November 29 to 30th this year. So far that is what we are doing. We are looking forward to setting up a Primary School.

God bless you. Pastor Moses Sabika Kingdom Builders Church International  Buwekula Village, Jinja District, Uganda . email: crcmug@gmail.com