Please join me in praying for James Kefah Nyambane and the orphans he ministers to. You may read more about him and his ministry here. As you will note, he was recently injured in an accident but is now out of the hospital.


I salute you in Jesus name. Hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your pray support and I dischanded from Hospital three days back. May God bless you for your prayers and support. I thank all those who have supported us borth physically and spiritualy the whole year without forgething you. I sincerely and heartedly thank the well wishers who asisterd me when I was at Hospital also these kids who were initiated, although the materials were not anough for them ,some missed the materials while others got them.

Personally although I was at hospital I have done my best although also I have not met all there requirements to satisfy both of them, but God’s power they will get satisfied. My beloved, you have done a lot for praying for us since our relationship, continue do good the time is coming to harvest.

Personally as the owner of the orphanage although I have done a lot for them now I have a financial challenge to buy chapati, Rice,Beans and food [Maize]to satisfy these precious orphans . . . over this Christmas the doors is very open to all well wishers to help.

Thank you my beloved in Christ. May God guide you in every way in your life. Let Him give you the same heart 2019 as He gave you 2018. Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2019. God bless you abundantly as I look forward to hear from you. Thessolonins 3:13-16. Be blessed.