Please join me in praying for Chilungamo Hilltop Faith-Based Organisation in Malawi. I have been communicating with Blessings Phiri. He describes the organization this way:

Chilungamo hilltop FBO is a faith based community organisation whose secretariat offices are in Lilongwe, Malawi. Currently we are serving the communities of Traditional Authority (T/A) Tsabango in Lilongwe rural. We are driven by the sheer purpose of service to alleviate poverty and suffering of the communities that we are working. Our focus is on three thematic areas namely, Health, Education and Agriculture. We have streamlined programs that target Woman and Children and Girl child and Entrepreneurship. Our programs are community led to ensure sustainability and ownership of what we undertaken. According to the statistical information, our catchment area is among the high literacy areas in Lilongwe. We have since introduced early childhood education to improve school attendance. We are seriously in partnership with others, improving shelter of our communities through house building projects. We are very open to partner with others that share our vision of transforming lives. We are a transparent organisation that believes in accountability of funds that we receive on behalf of our communities.

The Director ready to give school uniforms to the needy children:

House improvement program. Image #1 is family at old house. Image #2 is director handing over their new house to them.

I took the following from a profile Blessings sent:


Our headquarter is in Lilongwe area 24 behind Ngwenya Hills, Malawi.


Chilungamo Hilltop Faith based Organization is a local organization that operates under the wings of Hilltop Assemblies Ministries. The latter is a faith calling that minister the word of God and administers charitable works under the banner of Chilungamo hilltop. We desire to make a difference in life of individuals by not only touching their spiritual welfare but their physical needs as well. We believe that faith without good works is dead. Our approach is tailor-made to make a difference to the people that we serve. We have chosen to be innovative, to move away from business as usual, to a more inclusive, responsive and accountable approach in our programs. We aim at giving hope to the hopelessness and those in despair, to bring light where we see darkness, to give voice to the voiceless.


Malawi, like most African countries, is categorized as one of the poorest nations in the world. The pangs of poverty have pinned down its citizens to luck of good health delivery system, good educational systems, portable water, good sanitation and environmental management just to mention but a few. The atrocities of poverty mostly affect women and children, making their livelihoods a night mere. In fact, at times, life is lived each day at a time. The HIV pandemic has even compounded the problem further, with bread winners in most households succumbing to the virus, due to various factors, the suffering of children and women has further been made worse. The people we are serving in Lilongwe in T/A Tsabango which is our impact area are also facing similar problems.

This invites a holistic approach by chilungamo hilltop in trying to alleviate the sufferings of children, women and those in dire need of our assistance. It is for this reason, that as a spiritual faith based organization we nurtured an idea of serving and assisting people in physical needs. We have moved an inch to make a difference, we might not reach all, but the few we have touched, are a testimony of our efforts.


The nature and network of our organization permits us to work across the country. However, in the meantime we are implementing programs in Lilongwe in T/A Tsabango in the following villages; Santhe, Mutchi, Mtambira, Chikungu, Chioza and Ngwenya.


To provide care, education support and promote human rights to orphans and vulnerable children


To be a vibrant organization that works in solidarity for community transformation


  • To provide education support to orphans and vulnerable children
  • To promote human rights to all
  • To empower youth, adolescent girls and young women.
  • To support people living with H.I.V/ AIDS and people with disability.
  • To empower families to have enough resources.


We are guided by the following objectives:

  • Helping people living with HIV/AIDS and those with disability.
  • supporting orphans and vulnerable children with school fees, school uniform and other learning materials.
  • Providing psychosocial support to the youth.
  • Building resilience and encouraging caregivers to work in assisting needy children.
  • Empowering families through capacity building.
  • Assisting the most vulnerable and oppressed individuals to reclaim their human rights and democratic values


The following are our major activities:

  • Provide school uniform and fees to the orphaned Children.
  • Providing school desks to schools.
  • Providing relief items to vulnerable.
  • Promoting and forming Village savings and loan associations to support groups and people with disability.
  • Problem investigation and management faced by the underprivileged
  • Training adolescents and young people in vocational skills.
  • Conducting counseling and voluntary HIV/AIDS testing
  • Providing sexual reproductive health services
  • To support families through house improvement


Chilungamo hilltop has the following achievements.

  • Managed to construct seventeen houses
  • Running six child based care centers (CBCC’s)
  • 34 village savings and loan associations (1020 Members)
  • 70 women trained in bakery
  • 30 women trained in tailoring
  • 20 trained in knitting
  • 27 young men trained carpentry
  • 26 youth trained in welding
  • 22 youth trained in bricklaying
  • 14 people under ART
  • 5 special needs children supported in their education
  • 35 students supported with fees
  • 83 pupils supported with school uniform
  • 10 students supported with vocation skills




Current challenges are; lack of well-established income generating activities, office equipment and transport to support our programs.


The achievements made have catapulted our efforts not on leading journals, but on those lives that we touched. The challenges encountered are a bench mark of strength from which we gain momentum to multiply our efforts. We intend to roll out similar programs outside Lilongwe where our church ministry also operates. We have developed systematic mechanisms to make sure all our projects are sustained through vigorous checks on their operations.